May 3, 2016


Hi guys!

I'm sorry I haven't post in so long. Actually, a lot of things have happened in these couple of weeks. But I'm back! And hopefully I won't be gone again, lol.

Now, to the important part: the lovely Rina from Lady Queen sent me some goodies to review! So here they are. 

In the picture:

- 300pcs rhinestone wheel. Item #NA0278.
- Skull water-decals. Item #NA0830 (C248).
- Floral water-decals. Item #NA0412 (SH-08).

Let's start with the pencil and the rhinestones. 

These items are a must-have for every nail artist in the world haha. The pen is so incredibly useful. You just have to gently press against the rhinestone, place it anywhere you want it, and good bye problems haha. Since I started doing nail art that I was looking for a pen like this, I've struggled a lot when I had to place my decorations. I even used an eye liner, but it kind of stain them. 
I'm so happy I finally have these rhinestones and this pencil! Of course these are a 10/10 for me.

And now, it's time for the water-decals. A great alternative when there's no time for detailed manicures.

So, I have to admit I was kinda scared to use them (lol) because it was the first time I was using decals. 

Every time I use a new tool, decoration or try a new technique I'm afraid to fail, lol (sometimes I'm way toooo perfeccionist that it scares me). That's why I always try to never underestimate a technique, tool or whatever. 

Lady Queen has a lot of different water-decal designs. It was a bit hard to pick them. (I honestly wanted to pick them all hahaha).
They're pretty easy to use! I had some trouble applying them because it was my first time, but I'm sure it will get way easier the next time I decide to use them. 

Great designs, easy to apply, fast... What else do you want? 10/10 for these!

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And that's it for today! I hope this review was useful and that you liked it!

See you next time!


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