March 4, 2016


Hi guys!

How are you doing? I hope everyone is having a nice day. 

The lovely Daisy from Born Pretty Store sent me some goodies again (thank you Daisy!), which I'll be testing and reviewing today.

-Remember that this is nothing but just my honest opinion based on my experience trying those products-

Here's a picture of what I received. Excuse that I forgot to add the stamping polishes in the photo, lol.

In the picture: 
- 2 stamping plates (BP-L006 and BP-L002). Items #17924 and #17920.
- Born Pretty stamping nail polish, black and white. Items #22322 and #22323.

So, let's get started!

First, let's start with the brand new stamping plates, beautiful, aren't they?
First, let's start with the BP-L002 plate. After cleaning it, I proceeded to try it using my new stamper, scraper and stamping nail polish. Of course, all from Born Pretty Store. 
- It picks up good the image. As you can see, I stamped twice in some designs because I thought it could pick better the image the second time. It worked. 
I give this a 9,5/10 (Almost a 10! I'm sorry, I'm way too perfectionist).
- It's easy to clean up. 10/10.
- Rate: 9/10.

Now, the plate BP-L006. Again, after cleaning it, and using the same polish, stamper and scraper.
- This plate picks up well the image, but I think it could be way better. It could leave better lines and better terminations. I had better expectations for this plate, though. *cries*
I give this a 8/10
- It's easy to clean up. I needed a bit of help with acetone though. 9,5/10.
- Rate: 8/10.

It's turn for the nail polishes specially made for stamping. 
From left to right: KONAD black stamping polish - BP black stamping polish and BP wthite stamping polish.
I first wanted to do a comparison  between the KONAD black stamping polish (which is quite popular and known for its good quality) and the Born Pretty black stamping polish. I honestly think that if I could mix both of them I'd have the perfect black stamping polish, lol. 

Well, the black stamping polish itself works great, and it's very opaque. Though it leaves some polish on the stamper's head, as you can see in the picture below. 
Anyways, I'd still recommend it, 100%. 
Rate: 8/10.

As soon as I tried the white stamping polish it gave me a big surprise. I wasn't expecting such a good quality! It works super-duper and I'm already loving it. 

I tried it in both plates and it worked really good.
I give 10/10 to this one. (Yes! Finally 10! LOL!).

- About the scraper, it works perfectly. It's super flexible and easy to manipulate. Nothing to say about it. 10/10.
- The 3 of the stampers' heads work perfectly as well. I primed the red one just to see if it worked better or not, but I honestly didn't see a major diference, It still works good. 10/10.

And last but not least, the set with 12 acrylic paints colors. 
I wanted to do some Iron Maiden nails and as soon the Born Pretty parcel arrived I knew I had to try these colors on my Maiden nails. And guess what? They worked perfectly. Easy to work with, very creamy and opaque. 
Here's the final result. I know it's not finished, but I couldn't wait to show you haha. I'm very pleased with these acrylics and for sure I'll keep using them.
Rate: 10/10.

And that's it! I hope you guys find this post useful, and don't hesitate to ask below whatever you want to know.

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See you in the next post, guys!


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  1. Hi, is born pretty stamping polishes cruelty free? I had a look on PETA list but cant seem to find that it is really cruelty free. Tia.