February 27, 2016

EN - Let's talk about Madam Glam...

Hi there!

How is everyone? I hope everything's okay!
I'm so sorry it took me so long to post again. I've been stuck between visits for like 3 weeks and now sickness, isn't that great? I hate it so much not having inspiration/enough strength to write or do my nails. Anyways, let's go ahead to the important thing!

Let's talk about Madam Glam today!

First post -why did I create this blog? // Primer post -¿por qué creéeste blog?

Hi guys, it's me!

Well, I'm new here, so I don't really know where I should start; I think it may be a good idea to start this talking a little bit about myself, so you'll know who are you reading.

As you already may know, my name is Paulina, I'm from Chile, I'm 19 years old, I'm vegan and a huge fan of Studio Ghibli! (Actually that's what you just read on my blog description, lol).

Since I was a kid that I liked to do designs and things on my nails, but it wasn't until a year and -almost- two months ago that I decided to create an Instagram profile (@paulinails_) to share my work with the world! I never, not even dreamed about that more than 20k people would follow my work, which makes me happy and proud at the same time.

Now, to the important thing: why did I create this blog?